Educating Women to be Powerful Speakers
Women's Voices Worldwide, Inc.


Women’s Voices Worldwide, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote social justice around the globe by educating women and girls to be powerful speakers in all areas of personal, academic, professional, and civic life.

The organization provides individualized speaking mentoring and group instruction for women and girls to learn to recognize the need for women's voices in the world, to cultivate a conviction that their own voices matter, and to develop skills to speak courageously and effectively. The organization also provides workshops, discussion groups, and other public events for communities to raise awareness and promote discussion about women and speech.

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Office and Mailing Address
2 Conz Street #4
Northampton, MA 01060 USA

Executive Director
Dr. Laura Greenfield

Upcoming Events

The 3nd Annual
International Women's Day
Celebration of Speech
March 7, 2015

Event Program
Now Available!

Do you want to speak at the event? Several spots for historic speech readers are still available; preference will be given to women of color and trans women of color.

Find out more here!

Your Own Words

"[I learned this week] that I am able to show leadership skills while still maintaining my individuality and ability to be kind, warm and compassionate...[and] that the world would miss out on a lot of valuable insights without my voice." --Ana Bissonnette, Springfield, MA
Women's Voices Worldwide, Inc. Women's Program Participant

"This was a great week for my daughter, Chloe. She gained confidence by being able to share with her peers events and characteristics about herself that are very important to her... I would recommend this group to everyone!... Chloe cannot wait until the next session begins!" — Lisa Gauthier, South Hadley, MA, Mother of 8-year-old Women's Voices Worldwide, Inc. Girls' Program Participant

"[Today I] realized that leadership of women is important in this community." "[Today I] learned the importance of listening to other women." --Women's Voices Worldwide, Inc. Women's Program Participants, Ura Village, Bhutan

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